Living, Working, Making Together: KWMC Residency


Living, Working and Making Together is residency project taking place from June - September 2018 hosted by Knowle West Media Centre in Filwood, Bristol. The four residencies 'explore how local people could work with artists to make new things and create the change they want to see in their neighbourhood' [Martha King at KWMC]. 

This project 'With Heart from Knowle West' will invite local people to create handmade souvenirs of the area, exploring what it means to live in Knowle West through reflecting on the area's past, present and future on its 80th anniversary. The souvenirs will be produced from Knowle's waste materials - mapping, interrupting and repurposing material processes and exchanges taking place on a daily basis yet unseen in the locality. 

Patterns inspired by local icons, signs, curios, flora and fauna will be created and collected with residents to create surface designs for the products being made. The project will take the form of participatory workshops, drawing, pattern making, laser-cutting, printing, photography and various other processes, culminating in a group exhibition in November 2018.

The project extends and explores ideas started in 'With Art from London' (2011), which engaged residents and shop owners of Lower Marsh and Lambeth in South London in creating an alternative souvenir stall exploring the cultural identity of Londoners.