I had a wonderful visit to Nick Grellier’s home and studio, a tumbling building spread over several art-covered floors and dropping down layer by layer between entrance, living, kitchen and garden.

Nick and I had a fascinating conversation, sharing work from both our practices and revealing the commonalities between them - from collaborating with researchers (her with PhD researchers, mine with universities), to collage making (everything is a collage), to working with found objects, quilt making, the use of text in works and the importance of drawing.

Our conversation made me inspired to bring my drawing into my art practice instead of submerging it in the realms of commercial digital illustration. It reminded me of my love for found objects, and to move towards objects again after what feels like a few years of making work to commission and keeping my studio to a minimum. Objects exist whether they are in your studio or not!

We talked about money and time, getting paid through commissions or selling work made over unknowable hours. We talked about making work because it feels intuitive or natural, then not exhibiting it or sharing it beyond the studio walls - perhaps a worthwhile process, perhaps a pointless endeavour.

There’s joy and playfulness in Nick’s work, collaboration and care, rebellion and restlessness - all made visible through hours of hard labour or perhaps quiet meditation. It’s a pleasure to witness these pieces, scattered through Nick’s beautiful home, each reflecting domestic life and the wonders, injustices and togetherness it entails.

Photo: Nick Grellier (Nick Grellier at The Garage residency)