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'Rarely do we find such a combination of artistic skills and experience, in-depth reflexion, strong project management skills and creative force in a single person.'
Didier Laval, Cultural Entrepreneur, Culture Instable [previously Public Engagement Associate at University of Bristol]

'Ellie is a an exceptionally talented person with particular skills and expertise in arts and design, community and stakeholder engagement and project management. Ellie is totally reliable and a huge pleasure to work with.'
Nina Couzin, University of Bristol

'Ellie has extensive experience working directly in community engagement: leading, facilitating and managing both long and short-term projects in partnership with practicing artists, community centres, schools and charities. Ellie has excellent budgeting skills, design skills, and is an innovative thinker with an imaginative approach to how the arts can support meaningful social change. Ellie brings thoughtful insight and a great energy to any team and I would highly recommend Ellie as an employee and freelancer.'
Daniel Baker, Public Engagement Consultant at Museum of London [previously Education Director at Cubitt Gallery]

'Our work with Ellie proved to be a very successful enterprise for us giving valuable time and support to reflect on our practice, identify our strengths and vision for the future. Her ability to clearly and simply structure and focus the mission scope and programme, to listen and prompt key questions and to interpret all the archive and discussed material – distilling it into useful tools for us to move forwards has been vital.
Her work has helped us to gain a new confidence through understanding where we have come from and how we hope to develop in the future.'

Sally Daniels, Architect at Tangentstudios

'Ellie brought fresh eyes for me with her brilliant exhibition [Who Made My Clothes?]. I have been consistently impressed by both her design and communication skills. Ellie is a very friendly professional person who wants as many details as possible in order to deliver the right products. She is an amazing designer and her creativity goes well beyond any boundaries I have ever seen.'
Le Nhung, Vietnamese Women's Museum

'It has been inspiring to work with Ellie for so many reasons. Her work ethic is second to none and her passion for creating artwork that is participatory, meaningful and pushing for positive change and social justice is her driving force. Her positive energy is infectious and Ellie has energised the team with encouragement, motivation and innovative solutions and ideas at every point of our collective creative processes. Her creativity, talent and extensive experience in project management and the Arts also mean that she has not only been a joy to work with but has added a huge amount of skill that has created professional and impressive designs and artworks.'
Ellen Downes, Country Coordinator, Fashion Revolution Vietnam