Imagine: 100 Years of Housing in Bath

participatory projects

Imagine: 100 Years of Housing in Bath was commissioned by Creativity Works and Bath Record Office as part of a Wellcome-funded public engagement project creatively exploring housing and health impacts in Bath over the last 100 years. 

The project consists of a series of creative workshops with two community groups, Get Creative and Genesis Trust, which ran throughout Summer 2022 and culminated in a one day exhibition at Guildhall, Bath, as part of Museum's Week in Bath on 24th October. 

Through varied workshops exploring architectural drawing, map making, poetry, clay modelling and more the group responded to archive material from Bath Record Office as well as their own lived experiences of housing and health to create their own archive boxes. The group's archive boxes have now been archived themselves, bringing local voices previously unheard through the official records to offer new perspectives and local knowledge around housing and health in Bath. 

A small zine was created as a gift to participants and to share the project outside of the archives. Get in touch if you would like a copy. 

To view the project in the archives contact Bath Record Office