60,000 Last Breaths / live.make.share residency


The live.make.share residency by Undecided Productions ran from May - June 2019. Hosted in a traditional Vietnamese house in Hien Van village, an hour outside Hanoi, the residency was a live-in and self-led residence making new works and responding to and learning from Hien Van ceramics

This project resulted in the final artwork 60,000 Last Breaths, an ode to the 60,000 air pollution-related deaths per year in Vietnam (WHO, 2018). This piece uses air pollution masks (en route to being recycled as they were made too small) instead of flowers to make 6 Vietnamese funeral wreaths as a small offering to the country in a bid to raise awareness of this vital issue. The piece will be exhibited again in Hanoi following the residency.

A corresponding zine 'Remnants' of the residency was also created as a further exploration of my concerns and interests around sustainability, death and what we leave behind. 


I attended a sharing day earlier in the year with some of the current residents where I presented a short, informal talk on my practice background, some recent projects and outline ideas for the residency. 

See more about the residency: undecided-productions.com/live-make-share/