Meet the Artisan: Tamay


As Artist-in-Residence for Fashion Revolution Vietnam, in October 2019 Fashion Revolution Country Coordinator Ellen Downes and I went to Ta Phin village in Sapa, Northern Vietnam to visit Mien artisan Tamay. We wanted to find out more about Tamay's process of making her own clothes; the slow, sustainable fashion of the Mien ethnic minority (also known as Red Dao) community as well as hear how Tamay worked with Hannah Cowie to found and manage their sustainable clothing brand Tamay and Me

I made this short film of our trip, produced by Ellen Downes, then curated an exhibition back in Hanoi of Tamay's vintage textile collection and co-hosted an evening Q&A and pop-up shop called 'Meet the Artisan: Tamay'. The event and film aimed to raise awareness of ethnic minority culture and sustainable, artisan textiles to a Hanoi audience, and all profits from the pop-up shop went directly to Tamay and her community. 

This was my final event as Artist in Residence for Fashion Revolution Vietnam, and the last event in a year of living in Hanoi, Vietnam before returning to the UK. See our earlier exhibition for Fashion Revolution here