RE:COLLECTION - Exhibition Walkthrough with Ellie Shipman

RE:COLLECTION - Regathering Social Practice is Ellie Shipman's first solo show which was held at St Anne's House, Bristol in partnership with Bricks in Nov 2023 and supported with funding from Arts Council England.

RE:COLLECTION is an investigation of where social practice sits in contemporary art, where participatory artworks created by Ellie Shipman over the last 12 years are recollected, regathered and re-presented. In recollecting these artworks - often site specific commissions which have never been seen in a gallery space - the exhibition provides a space for these pieces to breathe, to come together and share a conversation for the first time.

In this video, Ellie walks viewers through the gallery space and speaks about the themes in the show and highlights meaning and stories behind the artworks. To find out more visit: