Self Isolating in Trees

participatory projects

Self Isolating in Trees is an ongoing, self-led artwork whereby, on my daily walk, I find a tree to climb and sit in it’s branches as a form of relaxation, pleasure and self-care, as well as temporary escape from home. 

The process is documented through filming my view in the tree for 20 seconds, taking a photo of the tree and plotting it as a dropped pin on a public Google map

The project is documented in an ongoing virtual interactive zine, and I have developed a guide for others to join in. To this end I am proposing a participatory project, but one which is individually-led and done in isolation - now and post-virus.

VIEW THE PROJECT HERE The project is a Google Slides doc, for the full experience click 'Present'. 

The piece is exhibited in online exhibition After the Pandemic - Visions of Radical Renewal by Swarm Dynamics.