TERRESTRIAL Keynsham Residency: Process


TERRESTRIAL, a new arts commissioning agency in the South West, invited Eleanor to take on a week long residency as a scoping, research mission to explore, discover and map Keynsham's socio-eco-political community landscape. The week was spent:

- Exploring the geological and urban landscape of Keynsham. From dug up strata, to local ammonites (real and fake), to indexical traces of local people: names written in cement; splats of mud from ghostly ball games; accidental handprints; deliberate graffitied tags and lost clothes... Our future fossils are everywhere. 

- Exploring the economical landscape of Keynsham. Inviting local independent shops to identify their best selling item. Collecting these items.

- Exploring the sounds of Keynsham. Discovering local bands, sitting in on radio recordings for Keynsham Town Community Radio. Making a playlist inspired by Keynsham and it's fossils. (Listen here.) Pondering ideas for a future podcast...

- Discovering local craftspeople, engaging in exploratory filmmaking and photography. 

- Performing a ceremony to Keynsham with fellow artists.